Introducing… Feathers and Antlers!

I have always loved art and creating things with my hands. I enjoy sewing, drawing, jewelry-making, paper crafts, decorating… anything to release some creative energy! As a kid I used to stay up late at night thinking about making things and then having my own storefront or even craft booth to sell them. Today I have made a part of those dreams come true!

I have been making jewelry from feathers I’ve collected from Pheasant and Duck hunting and now they are for sale!  I also like to use fishing spinner blades because they are so simple and light but so shiny.

I’m using bullet casings from our rifles and will soon be adding smaller casings from handguns. And I use some peacock feathers that I bought – I just can’t resist their beautiful colors. Yes, a bunch of other people make jewelry with peacock feathers, but few make jewelry with Lesser Scaup feathers!

I am making designs that I myself would wear. As soon as I can get my hands on a saw, I will also be adding antler to my designs and expanding to more than earrings.  I’m very proud of my work but I’m also nervous!  It’s very hard to share the things I create, it’s like showing a side of myself I normally reserve for just me.   But that’s what life is about – taking risks and sharing the things you love with others.

I hope you check out my little Etsy shop!  I have much work to do still but I’m pretty happy with what I’ve done so far!  I’ve changed my blog’s name and updated my Facebook fan page to include photos of the jewelry!  If you have any constructive criticism or comments, I’d love to hear them! I’d also love to hear which designs you like the best!