Red Fish fishing in South Louisiana!

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While I could easily write a term paper on sustainable fisheries (I was a fisheries major for a few years), I will try to make this post a little more personal by including pics from my last red fish trip.

To me, sustainable fisheries is most important at the commercial and international level. We (as humans) have fished down the food web shortening food chains and bringing apex predators and our own protein source down to dangerous levels much more susceptible to environmental fluctuations. While we don’t have to ability to fish every fish from the sea, we are continually approaching a major crash in world fisheries. There are plenty of resouces you can consult to find out how to take your part in choosing sustainable seafood (check out these regional guides).

When it comes to recreational fishing, the best thing you can do to continue sustainable recreation is follow your local laws and TAKE SOMEONE FISHING! (check out And if you’re already a regular fisherman or fisherwoman and you have a child or niece or godson who has never been fishing, take them too! Anglers and hunters continue to be the driving force behind conservation of our wild resources. Buying a hunting or fishing license directly supports efforts to monitor and manage populations so that generations to come can enjoy the innumerous pleasures of outdoor recreation. And that’s what sustainable fishing means to me!

Over Christmas break my mom’s husband brought my fiancĆ© and myself fishing at Point-Aux-Chenes for red fish!

It was Drew’s first time red fishing and we both had a blast!

I love fishing for reds, so much excitement when you hook em!

There are few things I love more than being on a boat in a marsh in south Louisiana.

The slightly-salty air, the wading birds, the big fish…

We caught 3 limits and quite a few releases of fish less than 16 inches.

We shared our bounty with lots of friends and had a few great fish fries.

I can’t wait to get back down there and back into a boat!