Day at the Range

Wow, what a great day at the shooting range! We finally found an outdoors range in the Valley. Before we were going to Hole in the Wall which is an indoor range. It’s a nice place but all 5 lanes are always full and it’s very tight quarters. Not to mention you can’t move up and down the range, you can only move your target up and down. But when D’s friend told us about this off of Hwy 100 in Los Fresnos, we were in!  It’s a simple but spacious set-up.  2 handgun ranges with several target stands, and 1 rifle range.  You pay $10 for the day.  Easy!

Shooting Range Los Fresnos, TX

Shooting the Springfield XDM .40 semi-auto is so much fun!

We shots lots of guns today. S&W .38 Special (my CC snubnose revolver), Ruger .357 (Drew’s CC revolver), Springfield XDM .40 (Drew’s newest pistol), AR-15 rifle, and a few of other people’s guns. One of my favorite things about going to a big range is talking with other people and sharing experiences.

Shooting Range women's holsters

D brought a friend who is new to handgun shooting so they focused on the basics. That gave me the opportunity to practice drawing my .38 from my holsters. I reminded myself that I really don’t like my inside-the-waistband holster.  It does NOT work with my curves and sticks out way too much as you can see in the picture above.   I just tossed it aside.

This is me practicing drawing and shooting from my Flashbang.

I really focused on drawing from my Flashbang. At first I wasn’t even hitting the target at 7 yards but I finally got a flow down and began to hit it continually. I learned that I should not even try to draw and shoot a person-sized target any further than 10 yards. And in a real-life situation 10 yards would be enough for me to escape danger. But inside 5 yards? I can confidently say I can eliminate a threat! That’s a great feeling. You just can’t figure these things out in an indoor range.

Shooting from the Flashbang Holster

Above is a quick video of me drawing and shooting from my Flashbang. That goofy grin on my face at the end was because I hit the target close the the bullseye!  Let me tell you, the Flashbang always gets attention at the range!  Most people are fascinated with how it works because they’ve never seen any holster like it.  I love to watch jaws drop when I draw my .38 from my bra!  By the way, ladies, if you are single and looking for a guy at the range, use the Flashbang!  It’s the easiest way to strike up a conversation and grab the attention of all the men around you!  I’m lucky I’ve already grabbed a man that knows his way around a gun 😉

After shooting a ton of rounds through our handguns we moved over to the rifle range for some AR-15 fun!

The Rifle range with our targets at 50 yards.

Once D sighted in the AR-15 we had a great time shooting at a 50-yard target.

Shooting our AR-15, another really fun gun!

Just using the iron sights (and not a scope) seems a little intimidating at first because you feel like you can’t see anything but once you shoot and see how you did, micro-adjustments can get you shooting in the right spot.  The gun range had home-made shooting bags- made of old pants legs!  How genius is that?!

Shooting Target AR15

I was very happy with my target after shooting the AR.  It’s such a great feeling to hit that bullseye at 50 yards with no scope!  Now I just need to get the chance to use the AR on a hog!  Another guy at the range was practicing with  his AK-47 and he let us try it out. That was a first for both of us!

I couldn’t quite figure out how to use that collapsible stock on the AK-47.

Shooting Range AK-47

Drew showing me how it’s done.

I only took 2 shots and it wasn’t particularly different feeling than the AR-15. But I did pretty well for standing at 50 yards with iron sights!  Guess what gun just got added to our wishlist…

My two shots with the AK-47! Very happy with those shots!

It was such a beautiful day I’m glad we got to go out and shoot. With every visit to the range I get more and more confident with my gun and that’s a great feeling.  I would love for other people to experience that feeling!

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