My Christmas Wishlist 2011

Happy Cyber Monday!  I think I did ALL my Christmas shopping on Cyber Monday last year.  I only have a few more things to get this year and I will be done.  But if you’re still searching for a gift for the outdoorswoman in your life, check out my 2011 Christmas Wishlist.
Leatherman Juice XE6
A Leatherman is something everyone needs but you don’t know it until you have one.  I’m always asking D for his or digging through my toolbox for pliers.  I love this one because it’s small and *purple*!  $63.70 on Amazon.
Therm-A-Rest Chair Converter
I have a Thermarest Trail Lite Women’s Regular camping mattress that hasn’t gotten much use lately because I haven’t been tent camping in so long. We also have a few different kinds of ground chairs, none of which are really that comfortable. But this simple piece converts your Thermarest mattress into a super comfortable ground chair, great for camping, hunting, and just hanging out. 20″ model is $29.95 on Amazon.

Prois Ultra Fitted Pants
I don’t know if you realize it, but it’s HOT in South Texas. And all my camo is made for cold weather. The camo pants I wear down here were D’s in high school. Needless to say I need some lightweight camo pants. And Prois is an incredible Women’s brand. RealTree Max1 XL for $109.99 on Prois.

Natural Reflections brand clothing
This brand of clothing is sold at Bass Pro and just about everything they make I LOOOOOVE. Various prices at Bass Pro.
Smartwool Socks
By far my favorite brand of socks, Smartwool socks are perfect for our climate. They are wool but not super thick boot socks. They hold up really well (I’ve had one pair that I’ve been wearing at least once a week for 5 years now). And best of all, they don’t slide down your boots! I have 1 pair of ankle-length and 1 pair of knee-length but I don’t have any crew-length. I would love to get a new pair Smartwool socks, especially *purple* ones! Size medium in Lavendar $18.95 on Amazon.
Aqua Fleece Radar Cap
When D brought me duck-hunting for the first time last year I forgot to bring a warm hat. I borrowed his Uncle’s father’s super awesome camo Radar cap that he’s had for years, possibly decades. I LOVED wearing it. So warm but it doesn’t hang over my eyes like my regular beanie does. It took forever to figure out what this hat was called and then find one for sale online but I did! $14.50 on Bonehead Bowhunting.

Hammock Bliss No-See-Um Mosquito Net Cocoon
I just got this super awesome Easy Traveller Hammock recently and I love it but what I don’t love is swatting mosquitoes. And we have mosquitoes year-round down here. So I added this mosquito net to my list. $49.95 on Amazon.

Singer 151 Adjustable Dressform
Last but not least I have been really wanting a dressform. I like to sew and I want to get better at making my own clothes. But i really like making my clothes more free-form than using super complicated patterns when you need a giant table to cut fabric. Not to mention you can buy Outdoor and Camo fabrics on Rockywoods. M/L is on sale for $99 at JoAnn.

Outdoorsy Christmas Wishlist…

Lately I’ve been getting into baking and while I’d love some disco dust, it wouldn’t be very wise for my low-sugar diet.  My amazon wishlist is full of all kinds of random stuff right now (hoopnotica workout video anyone?), but I thought I’d list a few outdoorsy things I’d love to unwrap this year.

(blog prompt from Outdoor Blogger Network)

Pentax Optio W90

If you’re like me, your little silver point-and-shoot is caked in dirt and barely hanging on to life.  I abuse my camera pretty bad but its always in my pack when I’m working or playing in the field.  And it hasn’t yet taken a dive off a boat but it’s definitely been dropped in the mud.  I need a camera that I don’t have to treat so delicately and thats where this Pentax Optio W90 comes in.  With good (not great) reviews I see that it may not have stellar picture quality, but when I want stellar picture quality I be sure to pack my digital SLR.  This 12.1 megapixel Pentax is said to be waterproof to 20 feet, shockproof to 4 feet (I’ve definitely dropped my non-shockproof point-and-shoot further than that!), dustproof (just wash it off in a stream!) AND coldproof.  It also comes with a heavy-duty wrist strap and caribiner, not to mention the sexy pistachio green color!   I would be thrilled to find this rugged camera under the Christmas tree this year.

Pentax Optio W90 in black or pistachio green: $199.99 at Amazon

Thermos 16 oz. Stainless Steel Backpack Bottle

THERMOS is known to be the leading maker of … well… thermoses.  I’ve been looking around everywhere online reading thermos reviews and this is the one for me.  With 228 5-star reviews on Amazon I know it’s high-quality and going to last a long time.  I was really looking for a thermos I could take into a blind with me and the button-opener is what sold this one for me.  You don’t have to unscrew a cup and then poor your drink into the cup; you just press the button and drink straight from the container.  If you’re out in the field and movement should be kept to a minimum (such as when you’re hunting, watching or photographing wildlife, or you are like me get your kicks from science so you spend all night in 20-degree temps waiting for a deer to walk under your drop net so you can put a radio-collar on it), the one-handed button-opener is a necessity.   If you need to be stealthy you can even get this thermos in an espresso color, or you could wrap it in camo tape.  It’s also small enough to fit into the outside pocket of your day pack.  I’m hoping someone takes the hint that I need some hot liquid in the duck blind this year or the shivering and complaining will never cease!

Thermos 16 oz. Backpack Bottle in silver, smoke or espresso: starting at $20.18 on Amazon


Stocking Stuffer: Paracord Survival Strap Bracelet

You may have seen the facebook ad for these awesome (and utilitarian!) paracord bracelets.   The Survival Strap company uses 550# military grade paracord in over 31 colors to make subtle (or bold!), stylish bracelets, anklets, lanyards and key fobs!  You choose one or two colors and the type of closure (plastic side release or stainless steel shackle) and you can even add a personalized dog tag!  Survival Straps even offer smaller bracelets for women (yes!).  The best part about these paracord bracelets?  If you are in a survival situation, the bracelet can be unraveled and you have multiple feet of paracord rope ready to be used.  Most hikers know its can’t be trusted as an emergency survival tool unless its on your body, not in your pack.  And if you do have to unravel in an emergency, send Survival Straps your story and they will replace your bracelet!  The hardest part of buying a Survival Strap bracelet?  Choosing your colors…

Survival Straps Paracord Bracelets starting at $19.95 at


I am not affiliated with any of these companies.  I have not been asked to talk about these products nor have I been compensated.