Whitetail Hunt at El Canelo

Since moving to Texas, D and I have realized there is very little public land available for hunting down here, and very few permits at that. Last year we got to hunt once, back in Arkansas, and didn’t even see a deer (or a hog!). This year we were worried the same thing was going to happen so we booked a ranch hunting trip at El Canelo Ranch. Our freezers had been empty for a whole year and corn-fed Walmart beef is just not what we want to be eating.

As the “No” notices came in for all the permits we applied for we were very happy with our decision!

The first evening when we got there, our host and owner of El Canelo, Ray, met us at the door. We unloaded our gear and got out into the field. It was a beautiful evening and we watched does grazing with their fawns.

I ended up getting my first hog!

I really enjoyed sitting in the blind, listening to the birds, and watching the deer. We even got to see two bucks clash antlers!

Dinner at the ranch was delicious, prepared by Ray’s wife, who happens to be a Paris-trained chef. But a little too much meat for me, haha!

Our first night I got to cheer on LSU as they crushed Bama in an all-field-goal game!

On Sunday we went on the search for my mature buck. We came upon this guy:

We spot-stalked him for a while until he stopped in some brush. He was chasing a doe and acting like a buck in rut. We got right up close to him, set up the shooting sticks and pulled the trigger. Down right away!

What an experience! My first rack-buck. He was 14 points and non-typical. Beautiful big-bodied deer.

Our last morning at El Canelo we got to tour the breeding facility. Most of the deer bred are sold to other breeders. It was a really nice facility; Ray was obvsiously incredibly knowledgeable and passionate about his deer. He really cares for them. I also got to feed the baby fawns! They were so sweet and curious. Their tiny little legs were so delicate.

What an awesome weekend. We ended up with 4 deer and 2 hogs which filled both of our deep freezers. We’ve got healthy lean venison for the next few years!

This is my submission for the Sportsman Channel Writing Contest for Hunters hosted by the Outdoor Blogger Network.