National Fishing and Boating Week – National Fishing & Boating Week

How do you plan to celebrate National Fishing & Boating Week?

National Fishing and Boating week is June 4-12 this year! Check out this .pdf for Free Fishing Days (no license required) by state: clicky


I haven’t been fishing since Christmas break and I can’t WAIT to get back on a boat! And coincidently D and I have had a trip planned for that week for months now… ON OUR HONEYMOON! 😀


When thinking about our honeymoon we knew we knew we wanted to either be able to scuba dive or fish and since we will be living in South Texas we figured we didn’t want to go tropical. So Alaska was a no-brainer!

Come to mama!

D and I are getting married in 3 weeks and we are cruising to Alaska on our honeymoon. At our last port, Ketchikan, we are going Salmon fishing in Clover Passage! I’m so excited, I’ve never been salmon fishing or even fishing outside of Louisiana waters! D has been salmon fishing up there before and his pictures are so incredible. I can’t think of a better way to start our life together!

Hello beautiful.

I can only hope that this fishing trip will be like our deep-sea fishing trip a few years ago. Reeling in those cobia was a BLAST!

Reeling in a fiesty lemon fish!

Neither of us have been on the water since Christmas break. It was the first time D and I went fishing together and we had a great time pulling in some reds!

A gorgeous red fish.

D and I are both believers in passing down the traditions of hunting and fishing. We don’t have little ones (yet!) and have no nieces or nephews (because we are both only-children!) but when we do you can bet they will be in the field as often as we can take them. Hunting, fishing, and camping will absolutely be a priority in our lives for years to come.

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