Geocaching at Cane Creek State Park (with lots of pictures!)

Today I brought Bogie back to Cane Creek State Park for some geocaching!  We set out to find 3 caches and 1 multicache and let Bogie play in the water a bit.  We’ve both been stuck in the house because of the snow and needed to get outside in the sun!


I parked at the Visitor’s Center and got onto the Cane Creek Lake Trail headed for the first cache and a fishing pier.  I didn’t get any pictures of the first cache but it was a green ammo can and didn’t take me too long to find.  After the first cache we walked to the fishing pier to eat lunch.

Bogie wasn’t all that interested in the pier so I took her for a swim!

She’s like a magnet when it comes to water.  We hung out on the bank for a little while.

It was so nice to spend some time in the sun!

We headed back on the trail towards the visitors center after the next cache.  This one I spent a while trying to figure out where my GPS was trying to send me when I noticed something light-colored under a piece of wood.  I laughed when I saw it!

A PVC pipe hidden by the park!  And inside is what I came looking for…

My first Travel Bug!  I plan on brining it to South Texas next month and putting it in a cache down there.

Hit the trail for the next cache, part 1 of a 3-part multicache.  The hints given were: looks natural in plain site, easy find, and in a log next to a tree.  When I got to the area where I was within 10 feet of the cache according to me GPS, I found logs and trees everywhere!  I spent some time looking in all kinds of logs and couldn’t find it!  But the key to finding a cache is looking for someone unusual or unnatural.  For instance the flash of light color I saw at the last cache.  And then I spotted it…

Once I saw it, that cut piece of the log stood out like a sore thumb!  I sat down to figure it out…


So clever!!  I laughed out loud when I realized I had been walking around this cache the whole time and didn’t even know it.  Part 1 gave me the coordinates to part 2…

Which was thankfully really easy to find but I would’ve had no idea there was a cache in here if I wasn’t looking for it!  Got the coordinates to the final cache…

I was led the the area around this nest box but I thought surely they didn’t hide a cache in here!

But there it is!  This cache was on a ridge overlooking the lake and it was a beautiful view that I would’ve never seen had I not been geocaching.

The last cache was another fun one.  I couldn’t believe how well it blended in!  This was on a fishing pier and some people were sitting right on top of it fishing.  I told them about geocaching and they may have thought I was a bit crazy.

Found them all!  We made the short hike back to the visitors center to head home.  I think Bogie had a good time!  We hiked 4.3 miles today and got some much needed warm weather and vitamin D.  Can’t wait to do some geocaching in South Texas!

Hiking at Cane Creek State Park

This weekend my closest friends here were all out of town or doing field work and my fiance left to go back to Texas so it was just me and Bogie all weekend.  The weather was beautiful Saturday so instead of watching Netflix for 8 hours, I decided to take Bogie to Cane Creek State Park here in Arkansas.  (Thank goodness I did because it snowed ALL DAY today and I didn’t leave the house!)  I’ve only hiked once with her and she did a good job but it was a very short hike so I was curious to see how she would do on a longer hike.

Looking out onto Cane Creek
Cane Creek

Cane Creek, like most Arkansas state parks, is gorgeous and very well maintained. The signage is new and the trails are well marked. I didn’t really have a plan for what I wanted to do so I figured we’d hike the Delta View trail (2.5 miles with a beautiful overlook of the lake).

View from the Overlook on the Delta View Trail.

At first she was pulling pretty hard on the leash which was throwing my balance off, especially when we were going downhill. By the time we got to the overlook I wasn’t too happy about my right side already sore. So we took a break. The park had recently cleared out some trees for a better view of the lake and the water was low so I decided to bring her down to the lake (she LOVES water). I took her off leash to climb down (she’s a smart climber!). Once we got to the banks Bogie quickly found out this lake was not like our normal swimming hole, she sank elbow-deep in the mud and seemed surprised!

Surprised to sink into the mud!


We went out onto the sand bar and she romped in the water a bit. My spirits were lifted seeing her have fun. We made the short climb back up to the trail and continued on. I decided to let her stay off leash (even though that is against state park regulations) because I needed to maintain balance and she wouldn’t go further than 8 feet from me! I was so impressed with how well she did! She would stop and wait for me and didn’t run off. She got very interested in some armadillos but putting her back on the leash straightened her out.

Tail tucked- Bogie’s not so sure about this place yet


We got to a sign that pointed to the Timberland Trail Cut Off (1.75 miles) and because Bogie was doing so well I decided we would go see where this trail went. I’m so glad we did, it was beautiful in the piney woods. Our destination was a suspension bridge where we ate lunch. I had a sandwhich and Bogie had some dog food and the crust.

Timberland Trail Suspension Bridge




By the time we got back to the trailhead my hips were screaming but I felt pretty great. We ended up hiking 6.8 miles in 3 hours, including breaks! This trip has really given me the confidence to try a night backpacking at Cane Creek. And I think I’ll bring Bogie with me! 🙂

Proof that I was there!


Things I learned from this trip:

  • You really can hike 6 miles!
  • Don’t forget your camera cause your cell phone takes really crappy pictures!
  • Even though its warm enough for shorts you should still wear long socks or your ankles will be covered in scratches!
  • Bring a bowl for Bogie so she doesn’t have to drink straight out of your Camelbak resevoir!


My hike logged from my RunKeeper app on my phone: