Let Me Tell You A Story

Let me tell you a story.  Today I started my new job as a Mapping Technician under contract working for the US Fish and Wildlife Service.  It’s a seasonal job but a great thing to put on my resume, so the 80-mile commute won’t be bad for a few months.

I get home today pretty brain fried from training and driving.  I had to clean out my car so I let the dogs out to run.  Drew was in the house.  As I was finishing cleaning my car I was overwhelmed with one of the most easily recognized smells- skunk.  I look and realize my dogs are nowhere in site. 

I start yelling for them and after what seemed like forever, they finally came from behind our house.  Worried they got sprayed, or worse attacked, I called them to me to check out.  I couldn’t smell anything on them and found no scrapes while rubbing all over their bodies.  I let them inside and asked Drew to smell them to be sure while I finished up with my car. 

Not 20 seconds went by and he was kicking them out the house.  I didn’t notice the smell because it was all I was smelling outside.  They had for sure been skunked!  And that one pass through our garage and house made everything REEK! 

We put the dogs into the bed of the truck to figure out what to do.  After a quick google (what did anyone do without google?!) I found a homemade de-skunk solution recipe: 1 quart hydrogen peroxide, 1/4 cup baking soda, and a few teaspoons dawn dish soap.  And I also read- time is of the essence!  So I quickly changed into old clothes and left my clothes inside, not realizing they stunk of skunk (time is of the essence!).  Made the solution in a trash can because I didn’t know where our mop bucket was (time is of the essence!). 

One at a time I used a wash cloth to soak each dog’s fur in the solution.  Bogie (our little lab) was first because I knew Spartacus (our 110-pound husky) would take up all the remaining solution. Once they sat for at least 5 minutes soaking it was time for the hose.  Our hose is hooked up to our well pump so the water was ice-cold and the dogs hated it.  No time for warm water (time is of the essence!).  Drew helped me out by taking the brunt of some of the shaking! 

They still didn’t smell great so I went ahead and bathed them with their regular shampoo and conditioner (yes we use conditioner on our dogs, it makes their coats so shiny!).  While I was bathing them, Drew took the .22 around the back of the house, hoping to find the culprit.  Unfortunately he didn’t see the skunk so it remains at large. 

After two more awfully cold rinses, the dogs were smelling OK.  But looking pretty miserable.  We hooked them up on their leashes to dry outside (don’t worry, the temp is in the 70’s here!). 

Drew was working on dinner when I came and made me aware that I still smelled like skunk.  It was on my clothes, on my skin, and in my hair!  I took a hot shower and we threw out clothes into the wash with about half a bottle of Oxyclean (that stuff is so great). 

The house is airing out, the candles are lit, and the dogs will probably spent the night in their kennels inside.  All in all it was a pretty eventful first day of a new job! 

Things I learned:
1. Don’t let the dogs out of site outside.
2. Always keep hydrogen peroxide in the cabinet.
3. Just cause you don’t smell it doesn’t mean it doesn’t stink!



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