Gift Ideas for the Hunter in Your Life

Buying for the hunter in your life might seem hard at first, especially if you aren’t in the field with him or her.  Hunters usually want very specific gear that they have spent time researching and deciding on.  If you aren’t able to get that information from them, or want their gifts to be more a surprise than a grocery list, don’t fret!  I’ve compiled this list of great gift ideas for your hunter that don’t require a lot of knowledge about their preferences.  Click on the picture of the product to go to the website where its for sale.  Prices as of November 27, 2012.

High-Dollar Gifts

High-dollar gifts are going to be the hardest to pick out.  Typically, hunters have very specific requirements for their gear.  They will usually want to pick out the perfect gun or bow themselves.  Avoid chosing specific gear like that and instead go for things that fit a variety of needs or wants.

Field Camera- Get a camera for your hunter that he or she won’t be afraid to take into the field.  Something rugged and waterproof to capture their adventures.

  • The GoPro HD Hero3 Silver Edition camera  is an incredibly customizable and versatile camera, made for the outdoors.  You can practically mount it to anything to get live video of your hunt.

GoPro HD Hero3 Silver edition, $299

  • The Nikon COOLPIX AW100 is a sleek waterproof, shockproof 16 Megapixel camera with a built-in GPS reciever and capable of recording full HD video.  The GPS receiver allows your hunter can record location info for each picture.   The camo colors mean your hunter can film during the hunt without worrying about his or her game spotting them.  And because its waterproof, your hunter can drop the camera in a lake and pick it right back up without having to worry about any water damage.

Nikon COOLPIX AW100, $206.46

Field Bag- Your hunter may have an old reliable bag that they will never give up, but if they are open to new options, treat them to a new, high-quality field bag, designed for their specific sport.

  • The Drake Floating Blind Bag would be a great gift for a duck hunter.  Spacious and full of pockets, this bag will carry your shells, extra clothes, food and even a thermos on top.

Drake Floating Blind Bag in Extra Large (Mossy Oak Duck Blind camo) $59.49

  • If your hunter spends a lot of time persuing their game on foot, check out this Badlands Superday Pack.  On the large end for a daypack, this backpack offers 1950 cubic inches of storage plus a place to carry a rifle or bow.  The molded foam suspension and hip belt insure a comfortable pack without the weight of a frame.

Badlands Superday Pack, $152.45

  • If your hunter travels to hunt, check out these awesome Scent Eliminator Bags by Watson Airlock.  Specifically made to keep your clothes dry and scent-free, this bag will be cherished by any big-game hunter.  The larger options even include an attached changing mat for changing into your scent-free clothes in the field!  With several sizes, there is a bag for your hunter at your price.  The standard bags are camo and black with orange accents but they also offer a bag with pink accents!   From $99.99 for the original Camo Carrier, up to $299.99 for the largest carrier (would be great for a couple or family!) at Watson Airlock.

Watson Airlock Bottomless 26 Pink, $209.99

Cooking Supplies.  Does your hunter take pride in filling his or her family’s freezer?  If so, they probably also enjoy cooking their game meat.  Help them out with some great cooking supplies.

  • Cast Iron Cookware.  Great for the kitchen and the camp, these pans will last a lifetime and help deepen flavor.  The Dutch Oven is definitely the most versatile piece of cookware a hunter can use.  You can bake, fry, cook, and even deep fry in a Dutch Oven.  Plus, if you get one with a lipped-lid and feet, its great for cooking at camp with charcoal.

Texsport Pre-Seasoned Cast Iron Dutch Oven Gifts for Hunters, $49.99

  • Pressure Cooker.  Great for cooking tough meat quickly and preparing foods for canning.

All-American 15 1/2 Quart Pressure Cooker/Canner $174.99

  • Meat Grinder.  Help your hunter make their own ground meat in their kitchen instead of paying a meat processor to do it.  Maybe you’ll receive a batch of breakfast sausage as a thank you 🙂

Electric Meat Grinder by LEM Products $239.97

  • Dehydrator.  Have you ever had deer jerky?  If not, you haven’t lived!  Let your hunter make their own trail snacks!

Redhead Six Tray Food Dehydrator $69.99

  • Vacuum Sealer. This would be a great gift for anyone. Forget ziplocs and freezer burn forever!

FoodSaver V3240 Vertical Vacuum Sealer, $92.79

Mid-Priced Gifts

You have a lot more flexibility with mid-priced gifts.  You can buy gear, accessories, clothing, and everything in between!

Flashlight or Headlamp- No matter what game your hunter chases, they likely will be in the field in partial or full darkness at some point.  And a $10 grocery store flashlight just doesn’t cut it.  If your hunter doesn’t yet use a headlamp, then by-goodness by them one!  It will change their lives!  The higher the lumens, the brighter the light, but also the more expensive the light.  But high lumens is going to be worth it when tracking game after dark.

Princeton Tec Remix Headlamp, $30.84 at

Scent Eliminators- Mostly used by deer hunters, scent eliminators help you blend in with your surroundings completely by eliminating or masking your natural “human” smell to get your closer to your game.  The usual stuff you buy at Walmart or big box store does the job, but doesn’t feel all that great in your hair.  Check out the womens’ line Just for Does and the mens’ line Just for Bucks and treat your hunter.  Various prices at

Just for Does Scent Control Products

Just for Bucks Scent Control Products


  • Tech Gloves.  Does your hunter use their phone in the field to check the weather, take pictures, or just pass the time?  Tech gloves will let him or her keep their hands warm inside their gloves while still letting them use a touch screen.  And its kind of a luxury item your hunter may not buy for themselves.  Thelightweight tech gloves pictured are thin enough to be used as glove liners when its very cold.

Seirus Innovation Men’s Hyperlite All Weather Glove $24.82

  • Thermals.  Just about every hunter (even those of us in South Texas) hunts in cold weather part of the year.  A new base layer can make a world of difference!  Chose cold-weather options in poly-fabrics and avoid cotton.  Go with the brand names to assure a great fit and a long life of use.  My favorite  is Patagonia Capilene while my husband prefers Under Armor.

Patagonia Women’s Capilene 1 Silkweight Scoop, $45.00

Under Armour Men’s Base 2.0 Layer Leggings, $54.99

  • Camo.  A little harder to buy because there are SO many options.  Your hunter may only like a specific type of camo (yes there are several brands and designs).  But if he or she lives in camo you probably can’t go wrong with a shirt or jacket.  And you can never go wrong with Columbia!

Columbia Camo Freezer Long Sleeve Shirt, $34.72

  • Wool socks.  You can never have enough wool socks.  They stay warm even when wet and are quite comfortable!  Go with a high quality brand to keep your hunter’s toes warm.

Smartwool Women’s Saturnsphere Sock, $17.95

Jewelry.  Not as universal, you really need to know your hunter’s personality to pick something out.

  • For men: Some options for men include duck band rings and paracord bracelets.

Wilkerson Sterling Silver Duck Band Ring $49.99

Cobrabraid Paracord Bracelets, starting at $9.99

    • Women have a lot more to chose from!  Depending on your huntress’ style, check out duck call necklaces, feather earrings, necklaces, bracelets… the possibilities are endless!

Heartland Mini Duck Call Necklace, $19.99

Shoot Like A Girl Charm Bracelet, $49.99

Pheasant Feather Earrings, $8.00

Bullet Casing Pendant Necklace, $12

Bullet Chain Necklace by Girls with Guns, $19.99

Bullet Stud Earrings by Girls with Guns, $19.99

Stocking Stuffers I love stocking stuffers because you can get so many more gifts for your money!

  • Ammo, ammo ammo!  Buying ammo can seem intimidating if you don’t own a gun, but it doesn’t have to be!  All you have to know the the type of gun you Hunter enjoys shooting.  Then head to your local outdoor store and someone to help you chose a box.  If you don’t know what your hunter needs, the cheap stuff works just as fine on the range for target practice!

Box of Remington .223 Ammo, $13.99

  • Field Snacks.  Fill your hunter’s stocking with jerky, nuts and chocolate!  All make for great snacks out in the field.  If you hunter is a adventurous, go for something a little more exotic than just beef.  I’ve never had Elk Jerky, but I know how delicious elk is and I’d love to try it!

Mountain America Original Elk Jerky, $7.95

  • Write in Rain Notebook.  Write In The Rain Notebooks are great for field work because the paper is coated and waterproof.  Maybe your hunter needs to write down a few notes about the location of his or her tree stand.  Or maybe they want to remember how the cold front affected the number of ducks they saw.  Either way, its a great addition to any field pack.

Rite in the Rain – Green Tactical Note Book, $6.31

  • Cooking Accessories
    • Silicone spatulas!  If you don’t have one or several in your kitchen, buy some for yourself too!  Such a great and versitle kitchen tool!  The silicone is heat resistant and allows you to scrape every last bit of sauce onto your plate!

Wilton Easy Flex 3-Piece Silicone Spatula Set, $7.96

    • Your hunter’s favorite marinade, spice blend, or sauce.

Allegro Original Marinade, $7.24

  • Key Chains.  Easy and tons of options!

Heavy Hauler Duck Call Key Chain, $5.99

12 Guage Shotgun Shell Key Chain, $3.99

9MM Bullet Keychain, $8.50

Duck Commander Happy Happy Happy Mug, $10

Real Hunters’ Wives Duck T-shirt, $20

  • Camo Tape.  An easy pick that will always come in handy!

Hunters Specialties Camo Gun and Bow Tape, $5.79


Just for Fun/Gag Gifts

  • Paracord Grenade.  P-cord accessories are definitely in right now.  I have a bracelet and a key chain and my husband has a bracelet.  But this is something all new!  A paracord grenade!  BOOM!

Cobrabraid Paracord Grenade $12.99

  • Lock and Load Alarm Clock.  Hate your alarm clock in the mornings?  Then shoot it!  Ok, this is a super cheesy gift and more of a toy than a good alarm clock, but it would make for a great gag gift!

Gun And Target Recordable Alarm Clock , $13.33

I hope you got a few ideas from this post and your hunter gets a great gift this year!  For more inspiration, check out my Pinterest board Huntress.  And if you’re curious what I want for Christmas, check out my Wish List 😉


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