The fall season…

The fall season is in full swing and I am busy busy busy!  The educational programs at the nature center where I work have been going great with full classes.

Pronghorn Hunting in South Dakota

Last month I got to go home to Baton Rouge while D went Pronghorn hunting in South Dakota.  I didn’t get to go on this hunting trip but I had a great weekend back home with friends and family.  I hadn’t been home since last Christmas.  I was so excited to see TREES, big beautiful TREES again!

Road Trip with the babies!

While I was in Baton Rouge, my best friend and I stopped by Red Jacket firearms (home of Sons of Guns, on Discovery Channel). In their parking lot was a TANK!

A Tank at Red Jacket Firearms in Baton Rouge, home of Sons of Guns

Back here in South Texas we are prepping for Nilgai and Duck season! We have a few hunts lined up already. In December we will be rifle-hunting Nilgai and Hogs at Laguna Atascosa NWR so we are spending some time at the range with friends and rifles.

With friends, shooting rifles at the range on a cold and wet day.

And the big news… We got a boat!!

The catalog picture of our Alumacraft 17-foot Hunting/Fishing Boat.

It’s spectacular. We love it. We’ve only gotten to take it out once since D brought it home and we drove all over the Arroyo Colorado. The weather was crazy that weekend, in the 60’s and no sun. It was like 1 weekend of winter and now we are right back in summer with temps in the 90’s. South Texas, man.

Taking our boat out for the first time!

We have about 3 weeks left til Duck season and we can’t wait! Work will keep us busy between now and then!

My Bogie 🙂


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