Fishing in South Texas and Cobrabraid Review

I’ve officially lived in Texas for over a year now  and thanks to friends and coworkers we have finally figured out where and how to fish down here.  The coast is only about an hour and a half from where we live which is great because we love us some speckled trout and red fish!  Of course, we don’t have a boat, but that’s ok because Laguna Madre (the bay between South Padre Island and the main land) is very shallow and we can wade fish.

I had never been wade fishing before but now I LOVE it!  I love the salt water, the sun, and spending time with Drew.  The water is the perfect temperature.  And of course setting the hook and reeling in trout is always fun!

Speckled Trout must be between 15-25 inches to keep (except for one a day that can be greater than 25 inches).  So far I haven’t bagged a big enough fish but I still like catching and releasing the smaller ones.

Of course Drew has brought home all the bacon. I’m still learning the gear and the feel of fishing while wading. I did get to try out some new gear while fishing…

I recieved a Cobrabraid 550 Paracord (“p-cord”) Survival Bracelet from the Outdoor Blogger Network. The point of the bracelet is that you always have a good length of rope on your wrist incase you would need it in any emergency (or non-emergency) situation. The Cobrabraid Bracelet is the Small Bracelet in DigiCamo. They also sent along a Key Chain in Purple Camo which I was not expecting!  They must know me and know that I loooove purple!  The Key Chain is currently attached to my (purple) tackle bag.

As part of the Cobrabraid Bracelet review, I was asked to wear the Bracelet in the field and actually USE it! Take it apart to use the Paracord! I love that they included this in the review guidelines cause I would never have done it otherwise.

I wore the Cobrabraid Bracelet out fishing because I knew I would find a reason to use it. D and I fish side-by-side and he had both the net and live bait bucket attached to his wading belt. The rope he was using for the bait bucket was too long and getting a new shrimp involved me pulling in the bucket while D was trying to fish. Then when we would hook one, the rope that connected the net to D’s belt was too short! There was my chance to use my Cobrabraid Bracelet!

The rope holding D’s net was falling apart and way too short.

I had to take apart the Cobrabraid Bracelet while standing in the bay and holding my rod/reel. I found where to start but had to use pliers to get it going. There’s no way I could’ve done it with just my finger nails. But that’s ok because I don’t think it would ever unravel on its own while you were wearing it. Once I got it started the Bracelet unraveled quickly! I saved the connecter pieces to re-make the Bracelet later!

I was able to quickly wrap the rope around my belt and tie it to the bait bucket.   It was the perfect length.  The bucket was accessible to both of us but not so long that it was a pain to grab a new shrimp.

Then I used the long bait bucket rope for the net and used the old short net rope for my Plano dry box (which held my camera)!  Perfect!  I went back to fishing and we had a great morning out on the bay!

My Cobrabraid Bracelet is still unraveled and attached to the bait bucket and that’s where its going to stay.  I can’t wait to go back and try to get some take-home trout 🙂

I received the Paracord Bracelet free of charge from Cobrabraid to test and review. The opinions expressed above are my independent thoughts and experiences.

What I’m Wearing

  • Seamless headband by Buff in Bihar.
  • Fishing Shirt by Columbia.
  • Most comfortable swimsuit ever by Speedo (available at Academy).
  • Convertable fishing pants by Worldwide Sportsman (available at Bass Pro Shops). Yes I am wearing my husband’s pants because I don’t have a pair that fit!
  • Sunglasses- not sure the brand but they are polarized and I got them at Bass Pro for about 15 bucks!

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