New Beginnings

So far Fall has been incredibly busy! At the end of July I submitted my first draft of my thesis and in August I started my first real big-girl job! I am an environmental educator / program coordinator for the McAllen World Birding Center here in South Texas. I feel so blessed that I have a job in my field, even if I’m not specifically a biologist. I still work in a beautiful place and get to share my knowledge of ecology with the people of this city. AND I have my first job with benefits! Insurance! Retirement! Sick leave! I feel like such an adult.

And there is SO much coming up this fall. D and I are going deer/hog/nilgai/javalina hunting at least 3 weekends in November- wow! I can’t wait, our freezer has been empty for far too long. I’m pretty sick of eating beef. I really miss having lean, grass-fed meat (in the form of venison or nilgai). There is nothing better than eating a dinner and knowing exactly where your food came from and exactly what resources were required to obtain it. And that the animal you have taken lived freely in the wild and died quickly and humanely. We hope to get enough to last us til next fall so we don’t have to buy any beef this year.

Also coming up this fall is the 18th annual Rio Grande Valley Birding Festival! I’m pretty excited, I love festivals and conferences, especially if they are wildlife/science-based!

In this period of adjustment I have been list-making and goal-planning all over the place. I’ve got so many blog posts I want to make! I want to post about Backyard Habitat, Common Pauraques, Nilgai, several gear reviews… but I first want to start with congratulating the Outdoor Blogger Network on their 1-year anniversary! I can’t believe they’ve only been open a year! It’s grown so much. And the gear giveways keep getting bigger and bigger! Conrats! And if you are an outdoor enthusiast who blogs, definitely look into joining us!


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