Friday Favorites

Here a few things I’ve found recently that I wanted to share!

Favorite Website

If you follow me on Twitter you know that I have recently become obsessed with Pinterest. Pinterest is a visual bookmarking/sharing website that you can use for just about anything. You can see the things I’ve pinned on my profile. Just like twitter, I follow people with similar interests. I’ve gotten so much inspiration from Pinterest, especially with food and recipes, crafts, and DIY fixes around the house. Don’t be discouraged by the whole “Request an Invite.” You’ll get the invite in just a few days. Hopefully that’s some sort of spam prevention because as of now, I haven’t seen any spam yet, which is fantastic.

Favorite Blog

My favorite blog that I’ve recently discovered is Girls Guide to Guns. Lately I’ve become enamored with shooting sports and I am patiently waiting for my new revolver to get here. Reading about women who are skilled and passionate at something that is mostly a men’s interest is inspirational. And it’s a place where women can talk about how awesome it feels to shoot and hunt while not having to worry about men making misogynistic remarks about how “hot” that is. While we may agree that yes, shooting is a sexy sport, we want to be respected for our skills and knowledge first. And that’s where Girls Guide to Guns steps up to the plate.

Favorite TV Show

Although I’m super excited to be sharing Battlestar Galactica with my husband for the first time, I’m going to talk about a show currently on the air. Louie, Thursday nights on FX. Louie is the ongoing story created by and starring comedian Louis CK. It’s a collection of vignettes detailing the life of a stand-up comedian and divorced father of two as he looks for meaningful relationships around him. I’ve loved Louis CK’s stand-up since I first saw him in high school. And now I realize he is more than a comedian and actor; Louis CK is a true artist. I can’t put Louie in an genre. It’s dark, comedy, tragedy, heartwarming and sad all at once. It’s definitely not your average cable show. You really have to give it a chance and let it take you along. Louis CK realizes the true beauty and true depression of middle-class city life and conveys it on the screen unlike any other show on the air right now. If you have an open mind, I highly recommend you give Louie a chance.


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