On May 28, 2011, D and I got married!! Our ceremony and reception were in my hometown of Baton Rouge, Louisiana. Then on May 30 we flew to Vancouver for a few days. On June 1 we got on a cruise ship and headed for Alaska!!

Vancouver was so fantastic. We spent the day on the trolley which went through just about every neighborhood and Stanley Park.

(Lord Stanley is a Canuk’s fan!)

The totem poles in Stanley Park were the highlight of our visit.

Vancouver is beautiful, I loved it. It was my first time in Canada.

(the Vancouver skyline as seen from Stanley Park)

We cruised on Holland America and our first port was Juneau!

(the Mendenhall Glacier)

In Juneau we got to go on a whale/wildlife watching cruise! It was my FAVORITE part of our entire honeymoon. We saw humpback whales, brown bears, harbor seals and bald eagles. The best part was seeing a Stellar sea lion haul-out (where they come out of the water to rest and warm up)!!

(humpback whale)

(momma brown bear on Admiralty Island, home of the highest concentration of brown bears in North America)

(Stellar Sea Lions)

We got to watch the harem bull sea lion break up a scuffle and oversea his harem.

And we ended the day by getting a special treat. A humpback whale came up right next to our boat and spent quite a long time slapping its pectoral fin on the surface! It was awesome!! The guides said they’ve only seen this behavior once before on their tours. I used my FlipCam from TakeMeFishing.org‘s National Boating and Fishing Day contest to get a couple of quick videos (the quality was lost when I put them up on youtube):

We also had a salmon fishing trip in Ketchikan but I don’t have any video from that trip cause we didn’t even get a bite 😦 But that’s why they call it fishing and not catching…


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