Unworthy Photos

This is a photo prompt from the Outdoor Blogger Network.


I am an avid lover of wildlife, especially cervids.   Anything that grows antlers just fascinates me.   On top of my love for these beautiful hooved creatures, I’ve spent the last 2 years studying elk.   So why is it that every time I get the opportunity to take a picture with some antlers…

I can NOT seem to put them on correctly!!

Yes, I am a professional wildlife ecologist who doesn’t know which way antlers go.


4 thoughts on “Unworthy Photos

  1. LOL Love it! I don’t know, I think you could gather those photos up and put them into one of those big picture frames that showcase several different pictures. I think it would be the one picture frame on the wall that EVERY ONE that came by your house would stop short and look at all your antler (head) pictures.

    A show stopper =)
    Very cool and thank you for sharing these with us!

  2. Just have to ask…are you compelled to put them on your head when you get them in your hands?

    because. it’s kinda cool. haha. in a weird sort of way….but hey, i like weird!

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