Prois Ultra Hoodie (gear review)

This post is a gear review for the Outdoor Blogger Network!

I won the opportunity to review the Ultra Hoodie made by Prois Hunting Apparel for Women.

When I got the hoodie in the mail I was a little surprised. When I hear hoodie, I think sweatshirt, but this was a very lightweight long-sleeve shirt with a hood. I immediately put it on and fell in love. I think I wore this shirt for two weeks straight. It was the PERFECT shirt for the field! My favorite part?

The thumb-holes! When we’re out in the field at night trapping deer I am wearing many layers and like my gloves to cover the end of my shirt. I usually have to adjust my shirt several times a night to keep it tucked into my gloves, but with the thumb-holes I don’t have to!

The Ultra Hoodie was very well fitted to my body, unlike my other camo shirts that were made for men and hang off my mid-section. And it had front pockets! Which I also think all long-sleeve shirts should have!

The Hoodie aslo came with the Prois product catalog which I read cover to cover. It was so inspiring, I’ve never been moved by a product catalog before! The catalog features women from all over the country who are outdoor and hunting inspirations. And the models wearing the products were beautiful but not trashy. It makes me feel like the people behind Prois really know their customers. You can see the whole catalog here.

The Ultra Hoodie is surprisingly versitle. It’s very warm under my fleece jacket and stays against my skin. But when we drop on a deer my adrenaline starts rushing through my body, I strip off all my outer layers down to my base layer. And even when sweating, I was not hot in the hoodie by itself. It breathes really well. To me, that means its the perfect bottom-layer for cool weather.

The temps have risen down here in Arkansas and its too warm to continue to wear my new hoodie. But you can count on me living in it when it gets cool again next winter!

I received the Ultra Hoodie free of charge from Prois to test and review. The opinions expressed above are my independent thoughts and experiences.


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